9 Lives Auto


Great price and a Great Warranty we also can order Atv, Boat, and Motorcycle batteries

Who are we?

A couple guys raised in the Fairbanks/North Pole area looking to branch out on their own and make our community stronger. We service all makes and models/old and new. If you can get it to us we’ll work on it. Feel free to give us a call or just drop in.  We know the Fairbanks area has a lot of unique vehicles that struggle to survive harsh weather and need all the TLC they can […]

Live on Facebook

Come check out our Facebook Page We are now live on facebook and updating customers on happenings there.


!!FREE WINTER INSPECTION YEAR ROUND!!   We will check out all the winterization components: pad heaters, block heater, battery condition, coolant rating, brake fluid condition, belts/hoses and inspect your front end to make sure you will get the best life out of your winter tires.